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ALTA Best Practices

Pillar 1: “Establish and maintain current licenses(s) as required to conduct the business of title insurance and settlement services.”

Express Title maintains required agency (business entity) and title producer (resident and non-resident) licenses in each state of operation as well as agent (employee, owner, producer, notary) licenses.

Express Title is an active member of ALTA.

Pillar 2: “Adopt and maintain appropriate written procedures and controls for Escrow Trust Accounts allowing for electronic verification of reconciliation.”

All bank accounts are maintained at federally insured financial institutions.

All employees must pass a background at hire and every three years.

Express Title utilizes positive pay, automatic clearing house block, and international wire blocks.

Express Title utilizes TrustLink for daily and monthly bank reconciliations.

Pillar 3: “Adopt and maintain a written privacy and information security program to protect Non-Public Personal Information as required by local, state and federal law.”

Express Title enforces the “Clean Desk” policy.

Express Title uses encrypted email when transmitting Non-Public Information.

Express Title company’s network engineer conducts monthly penetration tests and reports all results to management.

In the event of an emergency, Express Title has developed a disaster recovery thru daily, weekly and monthly backups on various devices.

Pillar 4: “Adopt standard real estate settlement procedures and policies to help ensure compliance with Federal and State Consumer Financial Laws as applicable to the Settlement Process.”

Express Title utilizes underwriter rate manuals, online calculators, and our internal software system (Title Express).

Express Title E-Records when possible. All recordings are tracked in a recording log for timeliness by management.

Pillar 5: “Adopt and maintain written procedures related to title policy production, delivery, reporting and premium remittance.”

The consumer is provided their Owner’s Title Policy immediately after disbursement.

Express Title remits premiums to underwriter monthly.

Pillar 6: “Maintain appropriate professional liability insurance and fidelity coverage.”

Express Title maintains required liability insurance for errors and omissions, fidelity and surety bond coverage as required by state law and underwriters.

Express Title requires third party vendors maintain professional liability insurance.

Pillar 7: “Adopt and maintain written procedures for resolving consumer complaints.”

Express Title’s website ( contains a tab specifically for consumer complaints which automatically sends an email to the Vice President for immediate resolution.

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