Express Title Company

6110 Executive Blvd. #300
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 231 -8200



We are taking precautions to keep our office safe:

  1. We are disinfecting heavy traffic areas such as doorknobs, phones, chairs and tables.
  2. The closers wash hands before and after the closing and are wearing masks and gloves.
  3. Pens are not reused.

Mobile Closings:

  1. As usual, our closers will come to the client’s home or offices to conduct the closings. We ask to conduct closings outside wherever possible and if not possible in a garage or community area.
  2. Our closers wear masks and gloves to all closings.
  3. Pens are not reused.

Eclosings and Remote Online Notarization (RON):

  1. At the present time most lenders are not set up for 100% eclosings. This is rapidly changing and we are monitoring the situation and will adapt as required.
  2. Currently DC, MD and VA all have different laws regarding RON. Our closers have been busy getting certified in RON and we have begun our implementation and onboarding on PAVASO which is one of the RON platforms.

Title Company Power of Attorney:

  1. In emergency cases only, where the borrower/buyer is ill and cannot physically attend closing, we may be able to act as their attorney in fact (POA), subject to restrictions and lender approval.

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