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Title Insurance: Services and Products Offered to our Clients

  1. As your settlement company we will perform the title search and examination that will provide the basis for the title insurance policies that will be issued to you and your lender.


  1. We will serve as the liaison to all parties including your mortgage lender, real estate agent, municipal authorities, tax collectors and everyone else who may be involved in your important purchase.


  1. Express Title Company can also set up a tax-deferred exchange known as a 1031 Exchange.


  1. We will provide escrow services and prepare the Settlement Statement of your actual closing cost. We receive deposits and distribute payments so that you can be sure all financial matters are handled by a bonded and experienced company.


  1. Our Settlement Officers will conduct the closing, which usually takes less than an hour. There the Sellers will sign the deed and other papers necessary to convey title. The Buyers will sign their mortgage papers and other necessary documents, pay their closing costs and the balance of any down payment due.


  1. The title premium is paid at closing. This one time fee will provide protection to you for as long as you, or your heirs, own the property.


  1. After settlement, we will record your new deed in the Courthouse disburse all of the funds and relevant documentation to the proper parties and issue your new Title Insurance Policy.

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