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Express Title Company is a multi-jurisdictional settlement company which conducts closings in the State of Maryland, District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Express Title Company is an agent for First American Title Insurance Company and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company…

Title Insurance: Services and Products Offered to our Clients

1. As your settlement company we will perform the title search and examination that will provide the basis for the title insurance policies that will be issued to you and your lender

2. We will serve as the liaison to all parties including your mortgage lender, real estate agent, municipal authorities, tax collectors and everyone else who may be involved in your important purchase


Title Insurance: Glossary of Terms

Abstract of Title A condensed history or summary of all transactions affecting a particular tract of land.
Access The right to enter and leave a tract of land from a public way. Oftentimes the right to enter and leave over the lands of another.
Accretion The slow build up of lands by natural forces such as wind, waves or water.
Acknowledgment The act by which a party executing a legal document goes before an authorized officer or notary public and declares the same to be his voluntary act and deed.
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Compliments/Complaints Form

If you have a legitimate complaint that needs to be filed and would like us to review it, please utilize our online complaint form. We can assist you in resolving your complaint and help strengthen your relationship with Express Title. We are committed to providing excellent customer service in the Title company industry.

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